txilllardegi omenduaFor many people, Txillardegi is among the key figures of the break between generations that took place in Euskal Herria, the Basque Country, after the Spanish Civil War. In those difficult times - breaking with the dictates of tradition - a new body of thought grew up, one which took in the fields of politics, culture, philosophy and religion.

Txillardegi left a rich legacy in areas like literature, research, education and Basque cultural activity. In his day, he chose to KLIK on the Basque language, its literature, its people and more.

Txillardegi's primary concern was that the people needed their language, and the Basque language is the essential emblem of the country.

This is what Txillardegi did for Basque speakers:

For many years, he argued for the need to create a unified language for use at the highest level. In 1957 he was appointed as a corresponding member of Euskaltzaindia, the academy of the Basque language, but never became a full member, even though he was more than qualified as a Basque scholar.

In October 1964, he called Basque writers and teachers together for an open meeting to hear their opinions. A year later he published a report on the decisions taken at this meeting. This report was the most important precedent for the one drawn up in 1968 by the Assembly of Arantzazu, considered the founding document of standard Basque. Txillardegi was both precursor and author of this first report.

Therefore, taking advantage of the fact that in October 2018 we will be presenting the 21st KORRIKA and this year is the 50th anniversary of STANDARD BASQUE, in the conviction that it is well-deserved, we propose that the 21st KORRIKA pay homage to Txillardegi. This is in recognition of his life's work, as it is to him that we owe what is probably the most important achievement in the history of Basque speakers. Nothing more needs to be said. There is a fundamental fact in the history of Basque, more important than anything else, and this is the creation of STANDARD BASQUE.



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