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In the organisation:
By joining the committees created to organise Korrika in your town or neighbourhood.

In funding Korrika:

By acquiring the Korrika laguntzailea emblem.
By purchasing 21st KORRIKA. merchandising.
By acquiring the Korrika participant’s bib from the AEK Basque schools or from the Korrika shops, either before the race or on the day it passes through your town.
By helping to raise funds for Korrika or by paying the amount you wish to donate into the Korrika bank account opened in the Laboral Kutxa bank ES70 3035 0072 02 0720037810
By carrying the baton and contributing with your family, with the members of associations or with friends.

In helping to spread news:

By visiting the Korrika website (www.korrika.eus) and participating in its social networks. Also, by participating in the cultural events organised to celebrate the Korrika Kulturala.

In Korrika itself:

By taking part in the start of the 21st KORRIKA, on 4th April in Gares, and in the closing party on 14th April in Gasteiz.
By participating in the race wearing the race bib, thereby showing everyone that we want to learn, speak and live in the Basque language..

Businesses and shops:

By sponsoring the different initiatives to advertise Korrika.
By acquiring your own Korrikalari or Korrika laguna emblem.
By acquiring kilometres. Anyone wishing to choose this option should head to the Korrika offices.



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