Aizu! Aizu!


A language is made up of words (hitz), but it’s actions (ekimen) that make up a language community. If Basque wants to progress, it needs (pro)active speakers to take the leap from conviction to action, to practice.

That’s why first of all we need to know what we have, what we are and what we need to be. We’ve said our words; now let’s put them into practice. Everybody (public, associations, institutions and so on) needs to actually speak Basque... It’s time for action,

time to talk. So let’s get on with it - the red alert of language emergency has already gone off. We need to act quickly: to go from just support to actual commitment, and from commitment to calling on all our institutions to take firmer steps to meet society’s wishes and needs.

We’ve got to win this game. It’s time to act - now is our chance to reach the winning score, to win the game, and KORRIKA 22 is our chance to all do it together. By acting we’ll influence ourselves and each other - learners, authorities, backers... all together.
What will we use to do this? Words.
Words and actions.

Words make the language;
actions make the people.

So let’s act!
Let’s speak Basque, move from words to action
let’s speak and act.
Now is the time to score the winner.
We’ll win this game by speaking Basque,
influencing ourselves and others,
all of us acting in his or her own role
and doing his or her job.

Those of you who are learning - act
Basque speakers - act
non-Basque speakers - act
supporters - act
authorities - act

Whether it’s a hook shot, double rebound or
bounce, put everything into it once you’ve
spoken up.
Let’s act, influence and demand

Forward with KORRIKA!

Tribute to: Pirritx, Porrotx & Marimotots

Pirritx, Porrotx & Marimotots (Aiora Zulaika, Joxe Mari Agirretxe and Mertxe Rodriguez) are a trio of clowns. They started out on 24the December 1987 in Lasarte-Oria, and today they're the best-known, most popular clowns in the Basque Country.

Why a tribute to Pirritx, Porrotx & Marimotots? Because they have a 34-year career in the world of performance behind them, and even more important, have always worked in Basque; also, of course, because they support the language, both now and in the future.

In 1987 they started to ACT. Thanks to this trio, many others have ACTED, and new generations will also ACT. They've helped to pass on the language, both from parents to children and from children to parents. Through their WORDS, they've ACTED to promote Basque, and are still doing so.

When they didn't know the language, they ACTED to learn or improve their Basque; since then they haven't stopped using it in their 34-year career. Pirritx, Porrotx & Marimotots have helped many children and parents to choose Basque.

They express themselves in WORDS, they act constructively and they are an excellent example of the normalisation of the use of Basque. In their shows and songs, they've acted, they've influenced and they've encouraged others to do the same.

KORRIKA 22 wishes to pay tribute to PIRRITX, PORROTX & MARIMOTOTS for their commitment and their ACTION over the last 34 years.

Unitate didaktikoak