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Message of this edition:

Every Klik is a choice, choosing Basque, taking a decision. The decision is to learn Basque, to use it, to get involved, to take the step. Deciding to Klik means empowering yourself in Basque, enrolling at an euskaltegi or Basque language centre. A Klik means taking steps to ensure language rights for all. It's time for a commitment. Klik on a new era, on culture, on our language. Klik with your eyes wide open. Take a deep breath, take a look at the Basque-speaking world and Klik to live, to be free, to choose Euskera, the Basque language. Klik, ikimilikiliklik! AEK considers Basque to be the key to a new society, and has chosen you to be part of this, with a Klik on you. A Klik to take a step towards the future. Klik on Korrika.

With this Klik, we'll discover the shape of the language, its melodies, its flavours; Klik is the music of the street; Klik to satisfy our hunger and our thirst for Basque.

Basque has decided to Klik to take it to the next level: that of action, of commitment, of making Basque universal, a Klik on our common future. The Basque Country has become aware of its language, has created the Basque community. Now is the Basque era, now is the time: take a step towards Basque, get up and do it, commit yourself, take the decision, Klik to speak Basque.

Klik means commitment. Klik is an option to choose.
Klik on Basque. Klik to learn it, to use it, to take the step.
Klik on community, on language, on culture.
Klik on the future, on a new era, on the Basque Country.
Klik on me, on you, on all of us.
Klik on the sweet taste of Basque, ikimilikiliklik!
Klik on music, dance in Basque.
Klik, ahobizi; Klik, belarriprest.
Klik to nurture it, to help it grow, to commit yourself.
Klik on our option. Klik, AEK. Klik, Korrika.




Organised by AEK, Korrika is a race for the  Basque language that wends its way through  the Basque  Country. Its objective is twofold:  on the one hand, to promote awareness of  the need to speak Basque and,  on the other,  to raise funds that will enable the AEK Basque  language schools to continue their teaching work.

Since the first Korrika run in 1980, from Oñati  to Bilbao, the event has become one of the  most important  initiatives in support of the  Basque language given the enormous  number of people who participate in it.  There  have now been 20 editions of Korrika in the last 39 years, and on 4th April 2019 a new  edition will  set off, covering more than 2,000  km in 11 days for the Basque language, not  stopping for a moment and  with the  participation of hundreds of thousands of  people of all ages and conditions.

As they run, the participants carry a baton which they pass from hand to hand, kilometre upon kilometre. Inside the baton is a message which won’t be revealed until the very end of the run, when it will be read out. 

Estimates put runners at several hundreds of thousands in previous editions of Korrika. Such high numbers and the tremendous movement generated around the initiative reflect in its full magnitude the extent of Basque society’s commitment to its language. Korrika has become an event which gets all of Basque society up and moving every two years. Participation increases every edition and thousands of people volunteer in its organisation by joining the committees set up in the different villages and neighbourhoods, while hundreds of cultural and fun activities are organised along the way.



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