Message from AEK – KORRIKA to friends of KORRIKA worldwide

The 23rd KORRIKA aims to highlight the ideas of language community and pride among peoples. Minoritised languages are facing more and more obstacles when it comes to building up numbers of speakers and/or places for their use, as well as keeping up existing ones. This is why belonging to a community – identity – needs to be linked to fun, language-linked life experiences.

And KORRIKA is just that: an explosion of emotions within the community, a joyful, determined cry; for many people a means of empowerment, for others an attractive way to approach Basque. Ultimately, all minoritised language have their prestige: HARRO HERRI (people take pride).

AEK-KORRIKA wishes to extend this idea to every corner of the planet, and to do this we have decided to reach out to as many minoritised languages as possible, as a way of showing off all languages with pride. So, here is the challenge we propose for all friends of KORRIKA worldwide:

Translate the following text into one or more of the minoritised languages around you, so that we can include it on our website and so make it visible across the net.

To make things easier, we also attach versions in English, French and Spanish:


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